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sitting in the students start conceal

Yesterday, the person in charge of the City of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau into the university, face-to-face and university representatives, representative of the students start to talk and listen to college students' views of the city's employment and entrepreneurship. . "At present, my company one day more than 40 single-business day advance payment more than 10,000 yuan, to participate in a half a pair of buy site, is 150,000 yuan." Kobayashi counted maintain existing scale running smoothly, and probably also need 30 million yuan of funds protection. Kobayashi worry about money this time around. In fact, from his sophomore begin founder of Yinzhou Kay Core e-commerce company, the issue of money has been troubling him. Start a business, no funds Kobayashi eyes on the students to borrow money to maintain the company running. Sometimes able to borrow 2,000 yuan, sometimes able to borrow 3,000 yuan, sometimes by less than one point, "are the living expenses of students originally nothing deposits." The students start Difficulties: funds into a common problem James Lin, the main representative gallery, sitting in the students start conceal his face tired. As one of the 2012 college graduates employment service activities, the "Secretary for Human Resources and Social Security on Campus," also the site of the 12 students start their own business on behalf of small loans, ranging from 30,000 yuan to 80,000 yuan, a total of 670,000 yuan .

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